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So today my publishers confirmed that the artist they'd told me about last week will, in fact, be doing the cover art for The Summoned.  I would not be exaggerating to say that I responded to this by A) feeling like I was going to fall down on the spot AND B) jumping up and down while I screamed like a maniac, scaring the hell out of my kids.  I'm not going to mention her name until it's all completed- I can be ridiculously superstitious about this sort of thing and I can't help feeling that I'm going to jinx myself.  Although, I will say that after they'd first sent me the link to the artist's work and then told me they weren't sure if they'd be able to get her, I damn near cried.  Yes, I'm very melodramatic.

Editing is slow-going, but I'm chipping away at it (and crap, I think I really need to get a new pair of eyeglasses, I'm having to squint to keep this in focus [which is sad, 'cause my vision's not even that bad yet]). Hopefully, I'll have it done by next week so I can send it into Mary and get her handing me back what I'm sure will be a version of my manuscript with the margins crammed full of questions and corrections over with (and yes, I'm aware that <-- is a grammatically incorrect way to end a sentence ;p).  I still have to work on completing chapter 7 of Buried.  At least that might be a little bit simpler since I should have the proper formatting and pre-edit stuff down by then, lol. 

*headdesk* Oh, sweet gods, I'm really hoping that it doesn't take me a week to finish 7, but I'm still getting acclimated to having the boys home from school and have to work around them being here (climbing all over me, yelling in my ear and- worse, still- asking, with their big, brown puppy-dog eyes if they can play on the computer). And then there's the baby, who is a very good baby, most of the time, but when she's teething or just in a clingy mood, then it's like 'why bother?'  No, seriously, I"ve tried to have her on my lap and type and she will take her cute, chubby li'l foot and slowly push the keyboard away from my fingers.  It's like she knows. .  . .

<_<  See that?  I just mentioned her and she wakes up.

I know how this seems from this one post, but no, I do not intend to turn this into a 'Omg, Ger's whining about not getting to write . . . again!' page, but truth be told, I've got no clue what, exactly, one is supposed to do with a blog.  I mean, is there a specific theme or format that you have to follow?  Can I do and say whatever I want on here?  Okay, yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be able to do just that, but I don't know, is there some sort of etiquette for keeping a blog?

Well, I suppose that until I am told otherwise, that's exactly what I'm going to do-whatever I want.  Quick Face Book headsup for paranormal fans- there are 2 pages on FB specifically geared towards paranormal readers that maybe don't have a lot to spend on books:  Paranormal Book Beat, and Paranormal Reads  (thanks to Dawna Raver for bringing those pages to my attention). If you're an author, you can promote your book on their page (just follow their posting rules) and if you're a reader, then you can just go through their treasure trove of shares & posts and find what looks interesting to you.


  1. A blog is, for the most part, whatever you damned well want it to be! Although, and here's the irritating bit, it depends on the audience you want.

    If it's for friends and family and yourself, just knowing what you're up to and where your head's at, you can write about pretty much anything.

    If you want a different kind of audience, it's a bit different. You find yourself needing to write a certain kind of post for a certain kind of person, a bit anyway. Book reviews attract a certain kind of reader, writing advice another, and if they come to your site for that and get it and it happens once in a month in between 20 other posts on, say, parenting advice or stories about your gardening, they might not stay.

    The best idea is really just to write about whatever you damned like, see what you like writing about, and figure it out later! Personally I've never maintained a blog long enough for it too come up ;)

    1. I think that's largely why I've been in fear of starting a blog for so long- 'cause I don't know how long it'll be before I just straight up forget that it's there and stop using it, lol.

      I do see your point (wow, I can tell I haven't had enough coffee yet, as I almost typed 'you're'). I think if & when I start posting book reviews, I'm going to make a schedule of when that'll e- like if I do it once a week it'll be say, Ger's Thursday Book Review, or some such silliness like that- and do my very best to stick to it. I guess that can leave the rest of the week open to whatever, that way those only interested in see what I'm reading, or my opinion- or want to give reading suggestions- can just check that day's entry.

      Thanks, Verity!


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