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Release day for KIYA: Mother of a King by Katie Hamstead

Today is the day that the second book in the Kiya Trilogy releases; Kiya: Mother of a King. You can find book one, Kiya: Hope of a PharaohHERE

To celebrate, Katie has opened up the comments on her blog for you to ask what you want to know about the series. And yes, book 3 is written and contracted so you will be seeing the final installment before you know it.

So, here is the details for Kiya book 2:

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Nefertiti has forced Naomi to flee Amarna with Malachi and the three children. But even under the protection of Naomi’s family in Thebes, Nefertiti still hunts her and Tut. Nefertiti sends assassins to kill them, and while Naomi fights to protect the children, Malachi fights to keep her safe.

With three children in tow, one of which isn’t her own, she is labeled the harlot outcast wife of the pharaoh and is shunned. She isn’t safe among her own people, and flees from being stoned to death. Although her family protects her, she must find a way to survive.


The Mesmerizing Works of Vicki Keire

On November 11th, step into the world of Angel's Edge

About Gifts of the Blood (Angel's Edge #1)
A dying brother. A young man with soaring planes of light on his back. A blind chess wizard.  An insane, once-angelic kidnapper in flamboyant red leather. A town with more secrets than stoplights. Waking up with eyes the color of moonlight.
Before her world tilts towards impossible, Caspia Chastain thinks the only strange thing about her is that she sometimes draws the future. Only her brother Logan, fighting his cancer diagnosis, knows what she can do. When she draws a man surrounded by brilliant light, dark wings, and frightening symbols, she can only hope the vision won’t come true.
As a stranger named Ethan appears, determined to protect Caspia and her brother from dangers he won’t explain, she’s not sure what to think. Strangers almost never come to Whitfield. They certainly don’t follow her around, frightening her one moment and treating her like glass the next. And they cert…

Another Useless Monday

*sigh* And so another Monday is half-over & I have done nothing, writing-wise. Now, don't get me wrong, I've done a little hobby writing throughout the summer & during September, poked around a few of my Works-in-Edits, and jotted down little ideas & story notes, but I've gotten nothing that I actually need to work on written. Nada, zip, zilch.

It's not always my fault (I swear, my baby daughter is psychic- every time I sit down to write anything new, she must sense it, because she chooses that moment to climb up into my lap & because she has the habit of trying to type at the keyboard, I can't continue), family obligations & children's schools being what they are, but I'd be lying if I didn't take some of the responsibility, myself. I just lack the drive to write some days. It sucks. I know I should have the sense of commitment to sit my but in this seat and write-write anything, JUST WRITE- but I sit down, open the file folder and …

Deliberate misinterpretation of folklore & mythos in modern fiction

Now, I understand wholeheartedly that when a deliberate misunderstanding, misinterpretation or misrepresentation of mythos serves purpose in the creation of a story, or a universe of stories, you kind of turn a blind eye to the basis for your creations and let your pen or keyboard go about its merry way. Its very easy to say "the reason for the way this creature has been portrayed is because of 'this'," but I think that when an author is remiss in at least referencing those myths, when they don't share with the readers how the 'misinterpretation' came about (assuming that their creatures are the 'real deal' and thus the myths are fabrications based off human thinking as to why the creatures behaved in certain fashions,or say deliberate misinformation placed by the creatures, themselves). Everyone knows I'm not a fan of Twilight, but at the very least, I felt Meyer established the basis of the 'burning in the sun myth' was that her vamp…