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Ghost Story Thursday! (THE RETURN, *dun, Dun, DUN*)

I've previously shared some chilling (or, at the very least, unsettling) experiences I've had with the paranormal. Today I'd like to share something a little more heart-felt. The eve of my maternal grandfather's death.

The Light in the Hall
My grandfather, Alexander Zendrian, and I never really got along. We were both very stubborn people, and often butted heads, a situation which only made more tense when I moved with my husband, and my first child, Alex. Alex was a little over 1 year old when we took up residence in the top floor of the two family house in which my grandparents live(d) (my grandmother, Lily, still lives in the downstairs house).
Eight years and two new additions to my family later, our relationship had not improved. But then . . . my grandfather got sick.He'd always been a sturdy guy, kinda spry for his age, so when he fell sick it knocked us all for a loop. Turned out he'd been feeling under the weather for a while, but he didn't tell any…

Gerilyn Marin, Internet Wallflower

*sigh* So, as part of promoting the book, seems I'm told I should go on a 'Blog Tour'. Now, I'm relatively familiar with the idea  . . . I'm just not incredibly sure myself how to start one. I don't think I really even know that many bloggers. However, if you have a blog, or know someone who does whom you think won't mind dealing with my nonsense, let me know :). I'm open to interviews, character interviews, (as you know) talking about the things that go bump in the night . . . imagination applicable here ;D.

Official Release Date for BURIED

Buried (Book One of the Paranormalville Trilogy) is officially scheduled for release on March 18th, via my publisher, Curiosity Quills Press.

SO excited!!! Um, for those that read the serial, there IS new content in the novel (a previously unpublished bonus chapter) as well as a preview chapter of The Summoned, Part I (Tales of the Phantom Court, Book One).

Will post information and links as they become available!

This has totally made my week <3