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Halloween Interview with EVER author, Jessa Russo!

First, I'd like to take a moment to say Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain, to my friends that have the freedom to celebrate today. For those unaware, I live in NYC, and while we have electricity back in my neighborhood and my family and I are alright, it's still one hell of a mess here, lots of property destroyed, and even more terribly, some lives have been lost. My heart goes out to those that are not faring well in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

However, I have had a standing obligation with one very lovely and talented author from the Curiosity Quills Press clubhouse, Jessa Russo. Therefore, I threw my husband off the computer and here we are. Now, unfortunately, Jessa and I live on opposite coasts and thus, nailing down a time to do a real-time chat wasn't going to be easy, so we had to make do with emailing Q & A back and forth. But I still like the answers the wonderful Ms. Russo provided :)
 (Here she is, very sunny, right? ;D)

1. What does a typical day in th…