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My first anthology contributions!

My very first short stories will be published in my publisher's (Curiosity Quills Press) very first anthologies!
Ephemera appears in Primetime, and Precious Blood will call After Dark home.
For Ephemera: "While touring a house for signs of a paranormal activity, amateur psychic consultant Giselle Boudreaux has a frightening encounter unlike anything she's experienced before."
For Precious Blood:  "Weary of her existence as a vampire, Annalese seeks the truth to a legend which says she may live again if she consumes the blood of a fallen angel. Misunderstandings, and a not necessarily willing Fallen One, bring about an unforeseen turn of events."
*Note: As it sounds (and looks from the cover ;) ) After Dark is not for the kiddies, or those quick to blush, but Primetime is aimed at General & YA readership.