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Frankie Takes Over (sorry, gang, Ger's not here today)

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

Don't look so startled - I don't bite.

My name's Frankie. And I'm just a regular guy.
Well, except for the whole ghost thing, I guess.

You’re probably wondering what I'm doing here. Well, it’s pretty simple actually. Something is coming for my best friend Ever - something I alone cannot protect her from. Regardless of how much I love her how hard I try.

So I have to spread the word.

And I need your help to do it.

I've been a bystander for far too long, trapped in this ghostly shell for the past two years. I've decided it’s time to make myself known and set some things into motion. See, I've hijacked Amazon, Curiosity Quills Press, and blogs all over the internet to make my move.

You're probably wondering why, right?

Well allow me to be a bit more specific. Something isn't just coming for Ever; her actual soul is in danger. So I've decided to stay silent no longer. Word needs to spread. People need to …

A Ghostly Visit with A.K. Morgen (Fade Blog Tour)

In honor of the recent release of her book Fade (The Ragnarok Prophecies: Book One), the delightful A.K. Morgen has given me a story to share of a brush with the unexplained from her own life (a brief author bio follows).

Ayden's story:
Strange Happenings and Ghostly Rumors When I was a teenager, my mother, sister, and I moved into an apartment complex in a small town in the heart of Arkansas. The complex was situated a few miles from the legendary White River Monster in one direction, and a creepy old cemetery, called Red-Eye by the locals, in the other. Bones in the cemetery constantly washed to the surface, the sad victims of rain eroding the sides of the hill they'd been buried on long ago.
The apartment complex was only a few years old, and our neighbors loved to tell us that it'd been built over an old burial ground. Naturally, they said the ghosts of those poor souls were not amused by the violation, and things were forever going bump in the night. Not one of the seve…

FADE by A.K. Morgen (no flip-out today!)

Today is the release of Curiosity Quills author A.K. Morgen's book Fade (The Ragnarok Prophecies: Book One).  In honor of this, I will also be hosting a guest spot here for Ms. Morgen on Monday (Sept. 10th) in which she will be sharing a brush with the unexplained from her real life (a la Ghost Story Thursday, but her Thursday was already booked XD).
Here is the phenomenal cover:

What do you do when you realize that nothing in your life is what you’ve always believed it to be?

The death of Arionna Jacobs’ mother has devastated her, and Dace Matthews is torn in two, unable to communicate with the feral animal caged in his mind. When they meet, Dace tumbles into Arionna’s mind as if he belongs there, and everything they thought they knew about themselves and the world around them begins to fall apart. Neither of them understands what is happening to them or why and they’re running out of time to figure it out.

An ancient Norse prophesy of destruction has been set into motion, and what …

Ghost Story Thursday!

[For those new to 'ghost story thursday' on Ger's blog, there are only 2 rules if you wish to tell a story of your own, 1- It must be your story, or that of a valid source (ex: your best friend, but not your "friend's neighbor's cousin's ex-fiance was once told that his college roommate . . .") who has granted permission for their story to be shared. 2- It must be truthful. Your tale can be shared either by posting it in a comment on Thursday's blog post, or you can email it to me and I'll tell your story on the following Thursday ( You are welcome to ask to remain anonymous, and at no time will I ever claim that another person's experience is my own.]

This one is relatively short, I think.

The Music Box
During the summer when I was 21, there was a black out.  I was in the basement with 2 friends of mine, as it was the only room in th…

Special Post! COVER REVEAL: Wilde's Meadow

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be tripped over by Curiosity Quills Press.  Since coming on board, I've been introduced to many wonderful & amazing people- one of these people is the talented and imaginative Krystal Wade.  While, admittedly, I'm still reading the first installment of her Darkness Falls series, Wilde's Fire , that's a nod to the fact that I'm a terrible & inconsistent reader, not a bearing on her abilities as a weaver of tales in the least. When she announced that she'd completed the manuscript of Book 3, Wilde's Meadow, and was looking for people to help her with a grand cover reveal, I was more than happy and eager to volunteer my help.
Here's to you, Krystal, and another wonderful trip into Katriona Wilde's world. 

WILDE'S MEADOW by Krystal Wade  releases November 5th from Curiosity  Quills Press! 
Happy endings are hard to find, and even though Katriona is in the middle of a war with someone who’s already stolen …