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RELEASE DAY: The Devil's Flower by Lisa Collicutt

In a town called Nowhere, angels and demons battle for salvation—who will win—and what will be the cost? Killing isn’t exactly on Rosalie Lockwood’s list of things to do when she runs away from home. But despite her search for peace; guns and motorcycles become her latest fashion accessories as Divine interference leads her to Steele, co-leader of the Fallen Paladins motorcycle club.
Leathered and tattooed, Steele’s presence scares off most people he comes in contact with — but not Rosalie. She’s immediately drawn into the dangers of his biker world—and into his heart.
But Steele guards a secret that if Rosalie knew, could shatter their new love — along with destroy the human race. And the truth comes at a price.
Will Rosalie risks her soul to prove her loyalty to Steele?
The Dark and Light Realms collide as Rosalie chooses between life, death, and the ever-after to become that which she is fated to destroy.

Teaser - Chapter One - Divine Union:

Darkness descended over the freeway. Rosalie tu…

More Than Just Existing . . . .

Today, as I was walking through the grocery store, I ran into the mother of a childhood friend. I hadn't seen her in a few years, and she was polite, but she was rushing, and I felt like she couldn't get away from me fast enough. Even though I knew why that should be, it didn't really hit me 'til a few moments later. The last time I'd seen her was at her younger daughter's funeral (the little sister of my childhood friend). The girl was only 18. She was an amazing student, a great friend, and loved so much by everyone who knew her. I remembered seeing her as a toddler in her stroller. She had the biggest blue eyes you could ever imagine. It jarred me to think that seeing me was probably a reminder to her mother of the child she'd lost, and she probably has enough of those every day, even now, years later.

There as not a single dry eye in the church- even the priest who presided over the service, who didn't know her at all had to stop several times, beca…

National Novel Writing Month . . . and then there's me.

Now, it's not that I don't like the idea of NaNo, I think it's a fantastic thing, in fact. I've considered participating in it myself a few times. But then I realize . . . I'm no good with this sort of shit. Now, I know some people would say "Maybe the gear shift is what you need," because let's face it, not many folks roll up their sleeves and go "Write an entire novel in 30 days? I got this!" most understand that committing to this isn't always a plausible decision, even if only because we sometimes have other things that demand our attention when we'd really rather be writing. . . . For some of us, this is literal, as in tiny humans we've brought into the world who stomp around the house yelling "Mom!" (for others it's literal in the sense of employers, customers or clients who stomp around, demanding and acting like children).

I never commit to NaNo because I doubt that I'll be able to come through. However,…

Release day for KIYA: Mother of a King by Katie Hamstead

Today is the day that the second book in the Kiya Trilogy releases; Kiya: Mother of a King. You can find book one, Kiya: Hope of a PharaohHERE

To celebrate, Katie has opened up the comments on her blog for you to ask what you want to know about the series. And yes, book 3 is written and contracted so you will be seeing the final installment before you know it.

So, here is the details for Kiya book 2:

Amazon, KoboB&N, Goodreads
Nefertiti has forced Naomi to flee Amarna with Malachi and the three children. But even under the protection of Naomi’s family in Thebes, Nefertiti still hunts her and Tut. Nefertiti sends assassins to kill them, and while Naomi fights to protect the children, Malachi fights to keep her safe.

With three children in tow, one of which isn’t her own, she is labeled the harlot outcast wife of the pharaoh and is shunned. She isn’t safe among her own people, and flees from being stoned to death. Although her family protects her, she must find a way to survive.


The Mesmerizing Works of Vicki Keire

On November 11th, step into the world of Angel's Edge

About Gifts of the Blood (Angel's Edge #1)
A dying brother. A young man with soaring planes of light on his back. A blind chess wizard.  An insane, once-angelic kidnapper in flamboyant red leather. A town with more secrets than stoplights. Waking up with eyes the color of moonlight.
Before her world tilts towards impossible, Caspia Chastain thinks the only strange thing about her is that she sometimes draws the future. Only her brother Logan, fighting his cancer diagnosis, knows what she can do. When she draws a man surrounded by brilliant light, dark wings, and frightening symbols, she can only hope the vision won’t come true.
As a stranger named Ethan appears, determined to protect Caspia and her brother from dangers he won’t explain, she’s not sure what to think. Strangers almost never come to Whitfield. They certainly don’t follow her around, frightening her one moment and treating her like glass the next. And they cert…

Another Useless Monday

*sigh* And so another Monday is half-over & I have done nothing, writing-wise. Now, don't get me wrong, I've done a little hobby writing throughout the summer & during September, poked around a few of my Works-in-Edits, and jotted down little ideas & story notes, but I've gotten nothing that I actually need to work on written. Nada, zip, zilch.

It's not always my fault (I swear, my baby daughter is psychic- every time I sit down to write anything new, she must sense it, because she chooses that moment to climb up into my lap & because she has the habit of trying to type at the keyboard, I can't continue), family obligations & children's schools being what they are, but I'd be lying if I didn't take some of the responsibility, myself. I just lack the drive to write some days. It sucks. I know I should have the sense of commitment to sit my but in this seat and write-write anything, JUST WRITE- but I sit down, open the file folder and …

Deliberate misinterpretation of folklore & mythos in modern fiction

Now, I understand wholeheartedly that when a deliberate misunderstanding, misinterpretation or misrepresentation of mythos serves purpose in the creation of a story, or a universe of stories, you kind of turn a blind eye to the basis for your creations and let your pen or keyboard go about its merry way. Its very easy to say "the reason for the way this creature has been portrayed is because of 'this'," but I think that when an author is remiss in at least referencing those myths, when they don't share with the readers how the 'misinterpretation' came about (assuming that their creatures are the 'real deal' and thus the myths are fabrications based off human thinking as to why the creatures behaved in certain fashions,or say deliberate misinformation placed by the creatures, themselves). Everyone knows I'm not a fan of Twilight, but at the very least, I felt Meyer established the basis of the 'burning in the sun myth' was that her vamp…

My first anthology contributions!

My very first short stories will be published in my publisher's (Curiosity Quills Press) very first anthologies!
Ephemera appears in Primetime, and Precious Blood will call After Dark home.
For Ephemera: "While touring a house for signs of a paranormal activity, amateur psychic consultant Giselle Boudreaux has a frightening encounter unlike anything she's experienced before."
For Precious Blood:  "Weary of her existence as a vampire, Annalese seeks the truth to a legend which says she may live again if she consumes the blood of a fallen angel. Misunderstandings, and a not necessarily willing Fallen One, bring about an unforeseen turn of events."
*Note: As it sounds (and looks from the cover ;) ) After Dark is not for the kiddies, or those quick to blush, but Primetime is aimed at General & YA readership.

Blog Tour for "Buried"

As anyone who pay attention to my blog at all knows, I don't update very often. I try, but whether it's my forgetfulness, my natural inclination to procrastinating, simply the general feeling of 'no one is reading my nonsense, anyway', or a combination of the 3, I don't know.

Anyway, as stated in the heading, I'm going on a blog tour to promote Buried. This is courtesy of a benefactor, who is in fact a very dear person to me, but asked to remain nameless. This person has a great deal of faith in my work, and felt that all my book needs is more exposure, which I'm not likely to seek on my own, as I'm a painfully shy & socially anxious person when dealing with people or situations where I feel put on the spot, in any measure.

The tour is for two weeks, with the weekend in between closed. July 15th to the 19th, and July 22nd to the 26th. By an amazing coincidence, my publisher is having a July sale (each respective category gets its own week) and the e…

And So This is Me (and I think everyone should write one of these)

Twitter is a strange thing. You can go to a complete stranger's history and scroll through things they've said. After reading something about actor Ian Bohen on . . . oh, I forget where, I became curious and went through his twitter feed to find a remark that some considered controversial. I won't go into what the statement was, but in general, it wasn't SO terrible,yet I can understand why people were upset.

Here's my problem. When you dig further, you come to his explanation and breakdown of the intent behind his words. He made a great deal of sense, and it became clear that he truly hadn't meant the tweet the way it was perceived. Yet, for some, this was not enough for some people. As though they wanted to be angry, they picked apart his explanation, and pinged on particular words and sentences, insisting that they were still insulted because of what THEY hear when such words are spoken. We'll ignore the fact that he kind of said exactly that in his brea…

Sigh. A life unbalanced . . .

I've come to realize that I'm probably going to have an existential crisis about once a month. I'm not even certain how much, or how little, of an exaggeration that is. Simply put, every so often, I get that feeling like I missed a step on the road of life. Something is out of sync in my world, unfortunately, I never really get what that 'something' is, or why.

This feeling that there is something I should be doing, or some place I should be, overwhelms to the point that I feel numbed by it. I wish I could say it's nothing, and it will pass. And sometimes, I even convince myself of that, but then, a few weeks, or a few months later, the same feeling erupts all over again.

I think I overcome that feeling when I'm writing, I think I'm in balance when I'm crafting a story, but I don't know if that's really true, or if I'm merely distracting myself.

Anyone Who Doesn't Watch Teen Wolf . . . .

. . . . Seriously needs to.

Now, I know what some people are thinking: Omg, you watch that silly-ass show? You've gotta be kidding me. I thought the same thing, until I caved to the crazy fangirling of a dear friend of mine. As I watched the first few episodes, convinced I would hate it, and it would be this terrible, awful, awkward, cheesy thing, I found myself instead saying, "Oh, crap, this is actually pretty good."

For those still skeptical, here's the Season Three Trailer. Oh, and Dragon Age II players, yes, that is Gideon Emery, the guy who voices Fenris (everyone's favorite broody, kick-ass elf) in the show.

Season One & Two are both available on Netflix and On Demand (and I believe Hulu). Go, watch, now. You have 2 weeks to catch up before the season 3 premiere.

Double-sized season, did I mention? Unlike the first 2 seasons, 3 will be 24 episodes (this may or may not contain that 'half-season break' nonsense other shows seem to be adopting fr…

COVER REVEAL: Beguiled by Urania Sarri

Somehow, the Powers that Be have declared that my words carry at least a little weight somewhere in the world, and I was asked by the lovely folks at Juniper Grove Book Solutions if I would participate in a Cover Reveal. I may not find doing things for myself easy, but when it comes to helping other authors, I'm more than happy to do what small things I can to get the word out. I present to you Beguiled by the lovely and talented Urania Sarri (love her name :D). Giveaway info follows Author Bio

Title: Beguiled Author: Urania Sarri Published: Self Published Genre: Paranormal, Time-Travel, Romance Content Warning: Subtle Sensuality ~ Synopsis ~ The war between the present and the future has started. Compelled to cooperate with the forces of the future in order to gain Christopher back, Emma has taken on a new mission. The portal that connects the two worlds must be relocated otherwise there is no hope for humanity. But there are so many obstacles she has to overcome; Christopher has given …

Charlaine Harris and the Dead Ever After mishap (Please read entry in its entirety before commenting, TY)

I feel the need to start this off by reminding people (as I've stated in previous posts, most notably, the one about 50 Shades of OMG, how can people read this?) that I don't make my statements to pick fights, rile up fans of the book/books in question, or otherwise troll. I say what I say because it's how I feel, and, like anyone else, sometimes I just need to get something off my chest. See, there's two positions in life in which you can say whatever you like- the first, being that you're 'somebody', so you have the confidence and place to say what you like, and hey, maybe someone will listen and take what you have to say to heart. The second, is being a 'nobody,' in which case, you have the freedom to say what you like, 'cause no one is really listening to you.

I have the ability to admit that I am the latter. A nobody, at the moment. So I can say what I like. I know you're probably thinking I'm about to turn into growling, snarling, …

My Day for Kicking the Hornet's Nest

I normally try to keep my mouth shut on political, or belief-based issues, 'cause everyone has the right to their opinion (so long as that opinion doesn't tell them it's okay to harm others, and then they go out and do so), and I have friends that are on both sides of some of these issues, and there's no way, in open debate to really throw your opposing opinion at your friend without getting them riled up. However, I feel like there are things that need to be said.

In light of having a few 'omg, don't touch that' topics I want to address, I will label each before jumping in. I cannot stress this too greatly, if you are going to read this post, then all I ask is that you read it to the end, read everything I have to say about the topic, before deciding you don't like what I said, or feeling the need to tear me a new one. Again, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and these are mine. If you read my full points, and you want to open a debate, great, I&…