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RELEASE DAY: The Devil's Flower by Lisa Collicutt

In a town called Nowhere, angels and demons battle for salvation—who will win—and what will be the cost? Killing isn’t exactly on Rosalie Lockwood’s list of things to do when she runs away from home. But despite her search for peace; guns and motorcycles become her latest fashion accessories as Divine interference leads her to Steele, co-leader of the Fallen Paladins motorcycle club.
Leathered and tattooed, Steele’s presence scares off most people he comes in contact with — but not Rosalie. She’s immediately drawn into the dangers of his biker world—and into his heart.
But Steele guards a secret that if Rosalie knew, could shatter their new love — along with destroy the human race. And the truth comes at a price.
Will Rosalie risks her soul to prove her loyalty to Steele?
The Dark and Light Realms collide as Rosalie chooses between life, death, and the ever-after to become that which she is fated to destroy.

Teaser - Chapter One - Divine Union:

Darkness descended over the freeway. Rosalie tu…

More Than Just Existing . . . .

Today, as I was walking through the grocery store, I ran into the mother of a childhood friend. I hadn't seen her in a few years, and she was polite, but she was rushing, and I felt like she couldn't get away from me fast enough. Even though I knew why that should be, it didn't really hit me 'til a few moments later. The last time I'd seen her was at her younger daughter's funeral (the little sister of my childhood friend). The girl was only 18. She was an amazing student, a great friend, and loved so much by everyone who knew her. I remembered seeing her as a toddler in her stroller. She had the biggest blue eyes you could ever imagine. It jarred me to think that seeing me was probably a reminder to her mother of the child she'd lost, and she probably has enough of those every day, even now, years later.

There as not a single dry eye in the church- even the priest who presided over the service, who didn't know her at all had to stop several times, beca…

National Novel Writing Month . . . and then there's me.

Now, it's not that I don't like the idea of NaNo, I think it's a fantastic thing, in fact. I've considered participating in it myself a few times. But then I realize . . . I'm no good with this sort of shit. Now, I know some people would say "Maybe the gear shift is what you need," because let's face it, not many folks roll up their sleeves and go "Write an entire novel in 30 days? I got this!" most understand that committing to this isn't always a plausible decision, even if only because we sometimes have other things that demand our attention when we'd really rather be writing. . . . For some of us, this is literal, as in tiny humans we've brought into the world who stomp around the house yelling "Mom!" (for others it's literal in the sense of employers, customers or clients who stomp around, demanding and acting like children).

I never commit to NaNo because I doubt that I'll be able to come through. However,…