Ghost Story Thursday!

[For those new to 'ghost story thursday' on Ger's blog, there are only 2 rules if you wish to tell a story of your own, 1- It must be your story, or that of a valid source (ex: your best friend, but not your "friend's neighbor's cousin's ex-fiance was once told that his college roommate . . .") who has granted permission for their story to be shared. 2- It must be truthful. Your tale can be shared either by posting it in a comment on Thursday's blog post, or you can email it to me and I'll tell your story on the following Thursday ( You are welcome to ask to remain anonymous, and at no time will I ever claim that another person's experience is my own.]

This one is relatively short, I think.

The Music Box

During the summer when I was 21, there was a black out.  I was in the basement with 2 friends of mine, as it was the only room in the house still cool and my parents had taken my son (6-7 months old at the time) to my aunt's house, because they were on a separate power grid and we needed to keep the baby in air conditioning., so they were to stay there until their power came back on, or the heat broke- whichever came first.

I went into the storage room for something, I can't remember what just now, but I closed the door to the storage room behind me. I could still hear my friends going on with whatever they'd been talking about at the time and out of nowhere, those sounds became muffled. Suddenly I was listening to a faint tinkling, like a music box and what sounded like a small child humming along with it. I waited until the sound faded and then went back to my friends.

I asked them if they'd heard it- really, there was only a door separating us (and the house next door didn't have any kids), so they should have been able to hear something.  Neither of them had any clue what I was talking about.

I don't know where that sound came from, or what it could have signified.  I've not heard anything like it before or since.


Disclaimer regarding my personal beliefs on the supernatural can be found on the page listed . . . well, "Disclaimers." XD


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