Long Time No Gripe

Wow, so I hadn't realized how long it's been since I last posted to this blog until this morning when I came back and looked at the dates.


Okay, now that that's over with: Buried, writing the last chapter this week. Scared to death. I really am. Not sure exactly why. I should be excited, and I am, but also terrified, lol. It is the first in a trilogy, so Cadence's story is hardly over, but once the serial is finished, the chapters are to be compiled, and it will be released as a novel. YIKES.

I am being interviewed on a blog, Strands of Thought in a segment the author (Kai Strand) calls 'Three Times a Charm'. I just heard back from Kai, and the interview will be posted March 6th. When I look at the calendar and realize that January is almost done, I get that this isn't really that far away XD.

Yes, for those of you who've read The Summoned, Part I, you probably understand why I giggled manically to myself and felt like the Universe, itself, was tapping me on the shoulder when I read that someone named 'Kai' wanted to interview me about my writing.  Okay, sure, she's interviewing me about Buried, and not The Summoned, but if not for my publisher tripping over The Summoned in the kindle self-pub slushpile, there would be no Buried. So, there ya go.

I've actually started the pre-edits for The Summoned, Part I, unlike how I was claiming for a few months that they were under way. But it's a lot of words, lol, and knowing what I do now about how things should look and what editing guidelines are like, I was shying away from the work without really meaning to. However, in the spirit of "If I don't do it, it'll never get done and I'll have only myself to blame for NOT seeing this work in print", I finally got off my butt and started working.

So, here's to a new year, new accomplishments, and getting off my butt MUCH more often.


  1. Gerilyn, When can we expect "The Summond " part. 2? By the way did I mention how much I loved this book?

    1. Thank You!!!! Um, I still have a lot of work to do cleaning up (editing) Part I and, while Part II is already several chapters in, I still have to complete that story; however, I'm hoping to stick with my original plan (just a year behind :( ) and have Part II ready for release by late September-early October.


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