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*sigh* So, as part of promoting the book, seems I'm told I should go on a 'Blog Tour'. Now, I'm relatively familiar with the idea  . . . I'm just not incredibly sure myself how to start one. I don't think I really even know that many bloggers. However, if you have a blog, or know someone who does whom you think won't mind dealing with my nonsense, let me know :). I'm open to interviews, character interviews, (as you know) talking about the things that go bump in the night . . . imagination applicable here ;D.


  1. My blog is in a fantasy setting. I can interview you or my character can interview yours :) Whatever you think might be more fun!

    1. I think a character-to-character interview could be a lot of fun :D. But I'm not sure which character you (well, your character) would be most interested to talk to. Do you want to read Buried (if you haven't yet) and then decide?


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