Sigh. A life unbalanced . . .

I've come to realize that I'm probably going to have an existential crisis about once a month. I'm not even certain how much, or how little, of an exaggeration that is. Simply put, every so often, I get that feeling like I missed a step on the road of life. Something is out of sync in my world, unfortunately, I never really get what that 'something' is, or why.

This feeling that there is something I should be doing, or some place I should be, overwhelms to the point that I feel numbed by it. I wish I could say it's nothing, and it will pass. And sometimes, I even convince myself of that, but then, a few weeks, or a few months later, the same feeling erupts all over again.

I think I overcome that feeling when I'm writing, I think I'm in balance when I'm crafting a story, but I don't know if that's really true, or if I'm merely distracting myself.


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