National Novel Writing Month . . . and then there's me.

Now, it's not that I don't like the idea of NaNo, I think it's a fantastic thing, in fact. I've considered participating in it myself a few times. But then I realize . . . I'm no good with this sort of shit. Now, I know some people would say "Maybe the gear shift is what you need," because let's face it, not many folks roll up their sleeves and go "Write an entire novel in 30 days? I got this!" most understand that committing to this isn't always a plausible decision, even if only because we sometimes have other things that demand our attention when we'd really rather be writing. . . . For some of us, this is literal, as in tiny humans we've brought into the world who stomp around the house yelling "Mom!" (for others it's literal in the sense of employers, customers or clients who stomp around, demanding and acting like children).

I never commit to NaNo because I doubt that I'll be able to come through. However, that doesn't mean that I can't at least use this first day of a brand new year (for those confused by that, I'm pagan, in case you didn't pick up on that before since I'm not exactly subtle or secretive about it, and Halloween [Samhain] is my new year), a day on which many of my fellow writerly-types are hunkering down with nothing more than a pot of coffee on IV drip for sustenance & pouring their imaginations into creation via their keyboard, and multitask some of my WiPs so that at the very least, at the end of these 30 days, I have projects that are closer to completion.

So this means I need to select which WiPs to use as leappads. Broken is at the top of the list, no question, since I'd like to have it at least completed by late December/ early January so that we can maybe shoot for a late March- early April release, like we had with its predecessor, Buried. I also really want to put some work into this latest idea I've had, the plunny for it is nibbling pretty insistently (I can't say too much about it, other than that it involves a steampunk setting & the melding of various ancient beliefs regarding gods, demons, & the 'underworld'), and I'll also likely be tackling Leopard's Bane or Eternal- I don't want to pull too much onto my plate, but I also don't want to limit anything. Like if an idea for a particular story that isn't on my list strikes me in the middle of the month, I'm not going to say "Nope, you're not part of this!" So for the time being, I'll stick with just Broken & the steampunk one, and then I'll review my other WiPs and see which ones scream for immediate attention.

Yes, writing projects are much like children that way -_-

(And I have no idea how the google+ circles thing works. I mean, seriously, I had a bunch of names on a list, and next thing I knew, I clicked something and suddenly had like a bunch of folks added to my list and when I scrolled down the names, I'm thinking things like "Who is that?" and "Yeah, I wish I knew Daniel Radcliffe", 'cause apparently if you have someone in a circle who has someone in a circle, they show up on this list & that didn't occur to me. Yes, I should have scrolled through the list before clicking anything, I get that now. Anyways, so yeah, if you're reading this entry, and you're wondering who I am, or why you're in my circle, feel free to remove yourself. I won't be offended. <_< . . . Well, I might be, but whatever.)

And a message about how to live life from 30 Seconds to Mars:


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