Playing catch up . . .

Wow, I've been slacking off on keeping my blog going. Totally unintentional. I woke this weekend with a cold out of nowhere, and, having no prior experience with summer colds, had no clue how hard it was going to hit nor how hard it would be to shake. It's been kinda difficult keeping to a schedule with the kids all home (c'mon, September, where are you? >_<) , but this has my head feeling more muddled than usual- and just when many thought that wasn't possible! It's one of those really nagging colds- the kind where you have to hold the sides of your head when you cough.

But, I am still chipping away at the edits for The Summoned, Part I (I'm finally up to the chapters revolving around Bri's first trip to the realm of The Court), I am finally back to working on the 10th chapter of Buried, which is in its 3rd week in serial run on the Curiosity Quills Press website and seems to be fairly well received. OH, and one of my followers on twitter (not that I have many, yet) is actually a J-pop singer! :3 How awesome is that?! (if you've read The Summoned, you'll get why that's so very cool ;D). Let's see, I have also started making notes regarding a were-plunnie that jumped up and bit me the other day-- if I sprout long, floppy ears, you know what happened.  Saw a fellow CQP author's T-shirt & bag that were made for her upcoming book series (yes, you Dawna Raver ;) ) and it reminded me how I've been wishing I could afford to put the cover art for The Summoned on a t-shirt to give to readers so they could be walking billboards for the re-release (and since Mirella Santana did such an amazing job on the art, it deserves to be shared with any and all that can appreciate it). I would organize a fund raiser . . . if I knew more people . . . or had any sort of organizational skills whatsoever.

*sigh* Okay, enough babbling from me for now, I suppose.  Though, this is my blog, so babbling from me is really the only thing to be found here.  OH, but a few shout-outs are in order: my fellow CQP author, Sharon Bayliss, gave birth to a wonderful, adorable baby boy and they're both doing spectacularly, so congrats and warmest wishes to Sharon & her family. Today is an old friend's birthday, so amazing and wonderful birthday to Nicole Kivirtzikis (whom I, admittedly, haven't spoken with in like forever, but I'm betting she's still as awesome as she was back when we were working at the Tribune).

Tomorrow we get back on schedule with a ghost story & more work at updating in-progress works, Friday will be focused on editing. Gods willing, if I can get just a few solid hours Friday and Monday, I should be able to send it out to my wonderfully patient editor, Mary Harris, by the middle of next week.

Wish me luck.


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