Schedule Change

I have realized that in the schedule I made for this silly-ass blog, I never once considered setting a day to just bitch about things that bother me. And if blogs are famous for anything, it's the blogger complaining at a world that may, or may not, be listening, about whatever it is that's bugging them, now aren't they?  I mean, I had set a day for what my week was going to look like, a day for recounting brushes with the paranormal, days for reviewing movies & books, and even a day for catching readers up on what I'm brainstorming on with fellow authors. But no thought was given to the notion that I, too, might want to use this venue to get off my chest things that are bothering me.

I have decided that Wednesday will be for reviewing books AND movies, I'll just alternate.  And Friday will by my 'flip out' day.


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