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So, as of last night (at roughly 11:15-11:20, EST), I officially sent the FINAL version of Buried to my publisher. Anyone who read the story as a serial will be pleased to know that what was originally 1 chapter of additional content not released during the serial run, has become 2 chapters. The second one is actually something readers had asked about; It's a scene that was initially referenced by Cadence in hindsight, but not written out, so it didn't veer away from the original story at all-I want that part clear. If it wasn't something I'd planned, myself, or that technically happened, anyway, I wouldn't have written it. I don't want to be thought of as an author who caves to her readers, 'cause, let's if a writer becomes a puppet for their readers, they serve no real purpose. That's when you might as well just shift gears and become a ghost writer, ya know?

Alright, that bit of griping is not why I started this post today, lol. Um, as previously announced, March 18th (just 6 days away, O-M-G, SIX DAYS *falls over*) Buried will be released in digital format, followed shortly (within about a week?) by release of print copies. In prep for that day, some very wonderful ladies have offered to host me on their blogs.

This is where I've been hosted thus far:

3/7 My Road to Publication (via Courtney Worth Young on the Curiosity Quills Press site)

And later today, I'll be stopping by with Susie Levine to share a paranormal experience I used as the basis for an account in Buried.

Dates booked for the rest of the month are as follows: 

3/13 Katie Teller's Stories (feels silly to put 'with Katie Teller' as her name is <-- right there XD)
3/14 Jamie Ayres (again, silly to say 'with Jamie', 'cause, well you get it)
3/18 Book a la Mode (With Karielle Stephanie) & DIGITAL RELEASE DATE FOR BURIED
3/19 This Will All Seem Silly Someday (with the delightful Courtney Worth Young)
 3/20 Aja Hannah (Blog Tour Swap- she'll be here on the 20th, and I'll be there XD)


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