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Not sure what else to do for today, lol. I know a lot of 'bloggers' have their material ready in advance and just load it the day they want to post it. Not I, but then, I'm barely a blogger. I just sort of sit down and type whatever when I remember to, that is.

So, I thought I'd share some stuff going on with other authors working with my publisher, Curiosity Quills Press.

1) Wilde's Fire (Darkness Falls, Book One) By Krystal Wade is currently FREE on Amazon.com.

2) The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicut now has a very nicely done book trailer (shout out here to Courtney Worth Young, who handles these things, lovely job, lady ;D). The trailer can be viewed here.

3) The Charge by Sharon Bayliss released on March 2nd and is doing incredibly well in the genre of Alternative History (currently #72 in the Kindle Store for paid).

4) Jessa Russo, author of Ever (The Ever Trilogy) is gearing up to release book two, Evade, in the ghostly series.

5) Jamie Ayres brings life lessons in 18 Things.

6) A.W. Exley takes on Victorian steam punk in her tale, Nefertiti's Heart.

7) Jade Hart is more than everyone's favorite Head Evil Minion (you gotta love a company that has a job title like Evil Minion), she's also a talented author, as proven in her work, Ocean Kills (Ocean Breeze).

8) This Wednesday (March 6th), I will be featured on author Kai Strand's interview blog "Three Times a Charm" regarding Buried (which, barring unforeseen catastrophe, is due for release March 18th). Take a stop over to her blog, and get to know Kai: Strands of Thought.

I know there are many more exciting things happening with my publisher & fellow authors at the moment, but I haven't had nearly enough coffee, yet, this is all that comes to mind right now.


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    1. I may have very few followers, but I do what I can ^_^

  2. Hey, every little bit helps spread the word--thanks for thinking of me:-)


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