1) Plagiarism:

Please be advised, that while I will never outright accuse anyone of having it in mind to steal another's ideas or works,  I'm also not the sort of person to think that my ideas are "so ZOMG awesome" that people will be overcome with the desire to take them as their own.  But, I am paranoid, and have had a brush with plagiarism once before.  It was a terrible, disheartening experience that I would like to never again encounter. Seeing someone try to claim accolades for your work is soul-crushing.  Quite simply, I would love to just be able to share my ideas and have them enjoyed and appreciated for what the are, but I am well aware that there be some unscrupulous types roaming the interwebs.  That being said, I must state that any of my literary ideas that may be shared in this, or other, venues by me are dated & backed up in multiple locations.  I make detailed notes, including dates, times, and with whom I've personally shared the information, I also email myself information on literary projects and keep those emails filed safely away for the sake of having electronically time-stamped documentation.

2) MA Content Warning: Unless otherwise specifically stated directly on a work/link featured on this site, assume all stories shared here to be for Mature Readers [18+] only.

3) Ghost Story Thursday!:

I'm not a frivolous believer in the paranormal.  I don't believe strictly that every so-called haunting is fact. I do not believe that every flash of light across a wall, every 'unaccountable' noise, nor every feeling of a unease, or a 'chill' up the spine is an indication of something 'supernatural' occurring.  In fact, those who run about claiming everything 'ooky' that happens is a sign of a ghost (like those fools who claim every lighting defect in a picture is an 'orb') irk the ever-loving crap out of me, because they only accomplish one thing- and that is to make the entire community of paranormal believers seem like irrational, gullible whack-jobs.

On the same token, I take offense to the 'professional skeptics' who go to a handful of 'haunted' locations, find logical, natural explanations for the reported phenomena at those places, and thereby declare that ALL hauntings, everywhere, are hoaxes, intended or not. However you look at it, dismissing a significantly larger 'concept' based on a mere fraction of data is foolish from either end of the spectrum.

I believe hauntings should be investigated by open-minded skeptics.  Period.  Hard-core skeptics will almost never believe in the unexplained, even if they come across something that they have no explanation for, and hard-core believers will never be swayed by a skeptics presentation of 'irrefutable data' from a handful of locations simply because there are hundreds of thousands of locations in the world with haunting claims, so in a way, they're almost more logical than the skeptics for not buying that.

So- it is my personal belief that hardcore skeptics are fools for dismissing things out of hand, and hard-core believers are fools because they accept everything without proof (and you make anyone that believes in the paranormal look like a moron, thanks so much, now stop it.  I'm serious).  Skeptical believers and open-minded skeptics are the way to go :).


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