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Purgatory Park

Stacy Rollins was nearly positive of 3 things in life. One, despite her certainty that she was mostly a good person, her twisted sense of humor & a few questionable things she'd done to get stories for her father's trashy gossip magazine had earned her a ticket to Hell. Two, some windy day, her long hair was going to be the death of her. Three, ridiculously handsome movie star & internationally known nice guy Bastian Drake was The Devil.

Then, one gusty evening, she found out she'd been correct about all three.

Bastian Drake is only positive about one thing--there's no way he's letting Stacy win a chance at redemption. When his time overseeing her trials in Purgatory is done, he'll return to Hell.

And she will be going with him.

* * * * *
Chapters 1-18 currently posted

Heretic's Blood

Welcome to Dorning University, a small yet prestigious college, where paranormal experiences are part of campus life. The lone black mark on the university's past is Synclair Cooper--a serial killer whose crimes haunt the halls of the esteemed educational institution nearly two decades after his death. 

Psychology major, Melody Bennett, has never experienced anything. Her lack of first-hand knowledge makes her curious, though not curious enough to seek out any paranormal occurrences. Instead, she focuses on her academics until a chance encounter with Dominic Emerson, a legacy brat Melody has despised since middle school, reveals the beginnings of a haunting mystery.

The university's dark history stretches back further than any living person knows, but neither of them realizes how close their own ties to that history are until one of Melody's friends goes missing.

* * * * *
Completed Story (chapters 1- 34)

At Erling Hall

After a traumatic accident at a young age shifts Camille's perception, she is caught between two worlds-the human world into which she was born, and the world of the alves, whose abilities and spiritual awareness she now shares, marking her as Graced. Her friendship with Galen, their prince, helps her strike a balance, despite the sour presence of Torn, who thinks no human is worth the trouble. Years after a schism in their world is brought to light, Camille is forced to seek shelter in the last place anyone would think to look for her. She finds herself drawn to Torn, and becomes the unwitting muse behind a habit his uncle won't admit to having. Matters are only further complicated as she is forced to question her friendship with Galen.

Just when she thought evading a killer targeting the Graced was her biggest concern.

* * * * *
Cover Art Attributions:

Purgatory Park: Images courtesy of digitalart, hyena reality, and marin at

Heretic's Blood:  Images  courtesty of marcolm, PaulR, Bwiselizzy, & Just2Shutter at

At Erling Hall: Image courtesy of arcadante at


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