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Despite her lack of formal literary training, Gerilyn has always been passionate about writing. A life-long New Yorker born to a family of mixed Slavic, British, and Native American heritage, she describes herself as a gothic tree-hugger, who doesn't so much 'suffer' from her social anxiety, as she does sit in a dark corner, arguing with it, and still has trouble believing she's someone's mother. When she isn't writing, parenting, or sharing information on matters of social & cultural injustices to raise awareness, she spends her free time immersed in video games, or with her nose stuck in a book (or watching MARVEL films, as though she's not already seen them a hundred times).

**Please forgive how stuffy all that probably comes across, trying to be semi-professional, and all that**


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    1. Thank you so much! Sorry to have take so long to reply. You're so sweet <3


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