Blog Post Schedule (potential)

So while Friday saw me all happy, today . . . not so much.  Nothing's actually wrong, emotion-wise, but I was up half the night with what might be either food poisoning, or the effects of simply eating something that didn't agree with me (which could have been anything, since it was Mathias' birthday weekend and there was junk all over the place).  And while it seems that I'm okay when I'm stationary, when I'm walking around I get severe stomach cramps.  I can't stay stationary, 'cause I have 3 boys and a baby girl, so there we have why I'm just a touch bit grumpy today, BUT, I shall not bother you any longer with my complaining.  Well, my complaining about this, anyway ;D

I am going to attempt to set up a schedule for this blog, so that, say those that only want to check back when I'm posting a review of a book can just check in on that day and ignore my nonsense the whole rest of the week XD.

Monday- What the upcoming week looks like (as per chapter updates & editing and such)

Tuesday- Not set, possibly just a day for random commentary on life/ the world at large XD

Wednesday- Movie/TV Show review.  Now, I don't get out much, so 'movie' would be limited to what's accessible on Netflix and HuluPlus.  For the most part, I enjoy Asian supernatural horror films (despite this, Sleepless in Seattle is one of my favorite movies EVER) and in TV shows, I favor sci fi and paranormal stuffs.  Now, while I don't know what the given taste of those reading this is, if you're a paranormal writer, then the supernatural flicks can be a good way to amp yourself up for writing a chilling scene, or even spark an idea for a whole new story.

Thursday- Another 'I'm not sure yet' day.  Maybe food-talk, or reminiscing about childhood.  I'm open to suggestions.

Friday- Book Review.  I know, no one has any reason just yet to listen to my opinion about reading material, but isn't that why you check a book review?  To see what the person has to say?  I'll put out the mention earlier in the week of what I'll be reviewing and I'll share what I'm reading currently.  I'm open to suggestions on books to read, however, if it's not paranormal, I'm very likely to resist reading it.  OH, see, like yesterday I started on Vicki Keire's Gifts of the Blood (Angel's Edge, Book 1).  But . . . I can't honestly say when I'll be finished with it, 'cause I have the very bad habit of letting my work slide (and in some case forgetting it altogether) when I get caught up in reading, 'cause I just want to keep reading -_-.

Weekends- will simply not be happening, as I have very limited computer access on most weekends.  Um, if I have forewarning that I will not be able to post on particular day, then I'll mention it as soon as I'm aware.  I guess the best way to start this will be a follow up post to adhere to 'Monday'.


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