Monday Makeup & Tuesday Brainstorming

Okay, so no 'Monday' 'cause yesterday was my hubby's b-day, so he stayed home, thereby making it more like an extra Sunday. 

Updates: Buried- did edits on chapters 1-6 & sent back to Mary, completed and sent in chapter 7, started chapter 8.  The Summoned- *sigh* still editing Part I & no progress yet on Part II (maybe I should just scrap what I have for chapter 7 and rewrite it from scratch :/).  Spent nearly all of 'actual' Sunday kicking stock photos back and forth with Verity for Buried's cover art, but it was worth it :). Working out kinks on an already written out, bare-bones plot for inclusion something Ariel Flynn is creating.

All right!! Brainstorming day! Now, not much has happened yet, this morning.  However, over the weekend, I was talking with Ariel some about a possible off-shoot/sequel to the story she's working on for contribution into my Phantom Court series and she gets frustrated from time to time because she'll think-through or write out a scene, or plot something, and then when she brings it to me, I usually have a tweak that needs to be made- minor, usually.  Now, sometimes it's not a big deal, but other times, the scene has been great, but something in what's being said or something in the setting doesn't fit the world of The Court and it has to be changed, or simply reworded.  I can understand why it drives her up a wall to no end on occasion, I would have to deal with the same thing, was I creating a story for a universe she created.  This lead me to put out there that if she wanted me to ever contribute something for a series of hers, then she just needed to let me know.

She let me know XD.

So, I may have mentioned this sometime last week, but anyway, I sometimes have very vivid dreams that contain intricate, detailed storylines.  I've taken to writing them out and the last 2 that have happened (one focused on a haunted house, the other on vampires, go fig) currently have no purpose and aren't fully fleshed out as far as creating a written work out of something I- in a way, since they were first person PoV dreams, which is odd for me- sort of lived through. 

She informed me that a story she'd been working on a while back, and was currently looking to rewrite, was, in fact, the start of a series simliar in fashion to ToPC (and, yes, Christine Feehan's Dark series) in that the stories are largely self-contained, and while characters from previous or future stories may carry over, or make appearances, each work would focus on a different set of core/main characters.  I presented her with both of these 'unused' ideas, and she chose the one she liked best (obviously -_-), but given her initial reaction to Idea A, I hadn't thought she was going to opt for Idea B.

Now I just need to remind her (and myself XD) to not lose focus on things we're currently working on as we plot out future creations.

Listening to: The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails
Reading: Haunted on Bourbon Street (A Jade Calhoun Novel: Book 1) by Deanna Chase (which isn't good for me, as the character 'Kane' makes yummy visions of WWE's John Morrison dance through my head, and after I insisted to my finds-it-hilarious-when-I-blush husband that I did not find Mr. Morrison attractive -_- [but hey, I leave him alone about his Jessica Alba hang up]) Gifts of the Blood (Angel's Edge, Book 1) by Vicki Keire on hold.
Playing: Dragon Age II (as per usual)
Writing: Buried, Chapter 8; The Summoned, Part II, Chapter 7; Nachtbloem (working title, translation: Nightflower) Chapter 1.


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