Thursday Ghost Story!

[For those new to 'ghost story thursday' on Ger's blog, there are only 2 rules if you wish to tell a story of your own, 1- It must be your story, or that of a valid source (ex: your best friend, but not your "friend's neighbor's cousin's ex-fiance was once told that his college roommate . . .") who has granted permission for their story to be shared. 2- It must be truthful. Your tale can be shared either by posting it in a comment on Thursday's blog post, or you can email it to me and I'll tell your story on the following Thursday ( You are welcome to ask to remain anonymous, and at no time will I ever claim that another person's experience is my own.]

This story was emailed to me by my friend, sound-boarder, test-reader and fellow author, Ariel Flynn last week, and given the creepy-factor of last week's tale, I thought the sweet, light nature of Ariel's experience would make for a wonderful balance.

From the Desk of Ariel Flynn: Playground Angel
(I am relating, word-for-word, the entirety of the email. ~GM)

Okay, so I dunno if this qualifies, and it's not really much of a story, but I'll put it here.


So once, when I was like 11 or something, my brother in law and my sister would take me and my two nephews, and my little brother to the park.  Well, we'd play on the playground, and even back then I was kind of a loner.  I rarely ever played with my brother, and was too shy to make friends of the other kids at the park.

Well, eventually, this little boy comes up to me, smiles and holds out his hands.  "Can I play with you?" he asks.  Of course, I was really relieved to not be alone, and it looked like everyone else was having so much fun.  Even my baby brother was off playing with his friends by the slides.  So I nodded and played with the boy.

Well, after about an hour, my sister called us (my brother and I) over to eat lunch, since we were having a picnic.  I let go of his hand for a second, then turned back, saying good bye.  But he was gone.  I searched all over the play ground, and couldn't find him at all.  I asked the other kids, but none of them remember seeing him, and I couldn't remember seeing him with any adults.

I finally asked the adults that were watching, and they remembered me playing, but for some reason, none of them could remember seeing me playing with anyone.  Even my sister and brother in law didn't remember the boy.  To this day, I still think it was an angel.

>.> Don't make fun of me.

Thank you for sharing, Ariel! :)


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