Update a day late and no brainstorming

So yesterday was kind of a bust, had a bunch of household crap to tend to, and really no one to help, so it shot the whole day to hell. I think I got one paragraph written. There was no brainstorming today, either, as the person I normally brainstorm with has recently suffered a loss, so I'm not going to pester her until she tells me she's pester-ready again. Today, I got to finish chapter 8 on Buried, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to not only start chapter 9, but get some more editing work done on The Summoned, Part II. For movie review tomorrow, I've got The Woman in Black. I have started reading fellow Curiosity Quills Press author (the very sweet and talented) Krystal Wade's book, Wilde's Fire (Darkness Falls, Book One). Thursday I will be sharing a ghost story that was sent to me via email. Friday's book review will be Haunted on Bourbon Street (A Jade Calhoun Novel, Book One)by Deanna Chase. Sigh. I don't know how my life can be so dull and boring, yet so hectic at the same time.


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